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The core of all AI, business intelligence and applications is data — various bits and bytes that come in all different formats. Only when we sift through this data, reason with it and build on top of it in real time does it give way to vast amounts of information and knowledge. Real-time insights are key to the way we live our lives today; the way we entertain ourselves; the way we listen to music; the way we order groceries. Real-time insights keep your BI tools fresh, and they ensure you never miss a fraudulent payment. The fact of the matter is this: every company is a technology company, and every technology company is a data company. And ultimately, every data company needs to reason and act on real-time data to elevate human lives, and keep the world moving. SingleStoreDB empowers the world’s makers to build, deploy and scale modern, intelligent applications — backed by streaming data ingestion, a unique table type that supports both transactions (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) workloads, limitless point-in-time recovery and a distributed (shared-nothing) MySQL-compatible architecture.

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